For Autumn Winter 2016 Colenimo presents “Wrens” a collection inspired by the female motorcycle dispatch riders of WWII. These pioneering women undertook daring, dangerous work delivering urgent orders and messages. Fuelled by a powerful sense of camaraderie they excelled as dispatch riders and were often seen taking their motorcycles, in the name of duty, through perilous conditions.

The collection consists of reversible a-line wool and cotton-moleskin coats, heavy melton duffle coats with shearling collars and metal buckles and wool-linen tailored suits. Bonded cotton shower-proof coats, pure silk crepe dresses and tops with detachable collars.

Colenimo is designed and made in the UK.


Photographer Takanori Kuaaki
Makeup Artist Yae Pascoe
Hair Artist Takao Hayashi